Beauty Review | Collection Contour Kit

As someone who has grown up on a bit of a tight budget when it comes to make-up, Collection cosmetics (previously known as Collection 2000) has always been a firm favourite of mine. If you’re savvy enough to spend the time searching and experimenting, it’s easy to notice that a lot of their products are actually incredible quality despite their super-cheap price tag. If you’re anything like me, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ‘Collection’ is their illustrious Lasting Perfection concealer. It’s a product that’s been raved about by beauty gurus, bloggers and professionals alike – and it really does live up to the hype! Bearing this in mind, I stopped by my local Boots to pick up a few more Collection products in the hopes of finding something that was equally amazing…

One of the most interesting items that I stumbled across was their Contour Kit. Priced at £4.19, the kit is a duo-pallet that is made up of both a highlighting and a contouring powder. The first thing that struck me about this product was that they only had one shade. Now, as we all know, make-up lovers come in all different shapes, sizes and – most importantly – colours, so it’s essential for brands to come out with collections that offer a range of shades and hues to suit a variety of skin tones. It seems that with their Contour Kit, Collection have dropped the ball on this one. Personally I have very fair skin (in fact, believe it or not, I’m actually really tanned thanks to a couple of holidays!) so I was really disappointed to see that the product designers had only created a shade of contouring powder that was too dark for me, and inevitably too light for a lot of people. Nevertheless, I thought I’d pick it up anyway in order to give it a proper review.


In terms of contouring, I feel like this particular powder is a touch too warm to do the job well. A lot of people – myself included – prefer a cooler-toned brown when attempting to sculpt the face, as it works better in creating a ‘shadow’ effect that gives the illusion of sharper, more defined cheekbones. However, that’s not to say that the consistency of the product itself was a complete disappointment. When I swatched it on the back of my arm, I was pleasantly surprised at how buttery the powder felt. The pigmentation was great, and it’s silky-soft feel gave me great hopes that it might actually work well on my skin, despite the colour issue. I used an angled brush to apply the contour shade beneath my cheekbones and was disappointed to find that it didn’t actually blend out as great as I had expected it to. Once applied, it kind of just sat in a stripe on top of my skin and didn’t give the natural finish that I had hoped for.


The highlighter, however, was a much different story. Personally, I feel like this product saves the kit completely in a number of different ways. Firstly, the shade of the powder itself is gorgeous – and absolutely perfect for my skin tone! As it’s pale-champagne in colour, it might not work as well for darker girls, but if you’re fair like me I would definitely give this a try. When you first look at it in the pan, it appears to be a very shimmery shade and has obvious flecks of glitter running through it, but if you aren’t one for a BAMMM in-your-face highlighter – don’t worry! I found that by using a small fan brush and sweeping it lightly across the cheekbones, it actually creates a beautiful, subtle glow. When swatched, the powder feels super soft (even more so than the contour shade) and the pigmentation is honestly stunning.


Overall, I’m kind of in two minds about this kit. I wasn’t really impressed by the contour shade and I know that, rather than reaching for this one, I’ll probably stick to using a single eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution (in the shade Mocha Love) for sculpting my face. It’s much cheaper at only £1 and it blends out a lot more beautifully. Still, when it really comes down to it, paying £4.19 for a duo-pallet isn’t exactly breaking the bank (even for someone like me who is still living on a student budget), and the highlighter in this kit is so freaking pretty that I would literally buy it just for that. Seriously Collection, you need to bring out that shade as an individual highlighter! In terms of whether the kit is going to work for you personally, you’ll probably just have to resort to trial-and-error for this one. The lack of variety in shades makes it difficult to be able to recommend this product, as it could possibly work out really well for some and be a disaster for others – but at such a cheap price, it’s probably worth buying just for the experimentation!

H x

The Collection Contour Kit is available HERE
* This review is not sponsored and all opinions are my own *

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