Amorously August…

August is good for the soul. It brings to mind summer days and ice cream; picnics in long grass with people you love; seaside adventures. Okay, perhaps the fickle English weather likes to dance all over our plans most of the time, but we still get to enjoy the lighter and longer days.

August is a month that has always been good to me. Some of the best memories I made as a teenager belonged to August and it’s hazy nights, and those were times that helped me blossom into adulthood. This August I hope to celebrate my last few weeks as a ‘student’. And yes – I know I’ve technically finished university, but everybody deserves a last hurrah, right? And what better time than summer.

So goodbye to July: heatwaves, holidays and graduation. And hello to barbecues, blogging, road trips and cherished time with family and friends (and several gin’n’tonics, of course). This year is passing quicker than ever, so it’s time to stop taking it for granted…

What are your plans for August? I’d love to hear how you’re spending your summer!

H x


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