One Brand Beauty Haul | Freedom Makeup London

Like a lot of you guys, I’m an absolute sucker for buying makeup.
I can’t seem to pass a drugstore without popping in and spending one million pounds on stuff I technically don’t need. But I just looovveeee it! There’s something quite magical about walking around a shop (or browsing the internet, whichever takes your fancy) and staring at all the pretty products, pondering on how much you can afford to buy without breaking the bank. Putting things in your basket, giddy with the anticipation of ripping off the packaging (unless it’s gorge, obv) and swatching the hell out of everything. It’s just a heavenly experience!

So this week I made a massive order on, which is the new home of the creators that launched brands such as Makeup Revolution and I ♥ Makeup. I chose to check out their latest line, Freedom Makeup London, as I had never owned anything from that particular brand and wanted to see if I loved their products as much as the stuff sold by their big sisters.

And boy am I glad I did.
I purchased an assortment of items that varied from lips, to eyes, to cheek products and I have to say, overall I was blown away by the quality! Freedom is marketed as a brand that offers professional makeup for affordable prices, and in my opinion, that is a tagline that is truly deserved…

Freedom Pallet
Stunning Rose

Pro Shade & Brighten – Stunning Rose Kit: £2.50

Now, I’m going to confess something. I may have judged this palette before I even used it. I know, I know! “Don’t judge a book” and all that jazz, but I couldn’t help it! As soon as I unboxed it, I decided that it wasn’t going to be a product that I liked (tbh it was probably the tiny sponge applicator, I have a weird vendetta against them). But I’m pleased – and slightly humbled – to report that I was, in fact, very wrong.
This palette actually works fantastically and I have used it a few times to create really beautiful eye looks. Okay, so admittedly it doesn’t swatch very well, but when they are applied to the lid, the shadows are really soft and blend beautifully. And they don’t create any fallout – which is always a bonus!

Freedom Shadows

Mono Eyeshadow – Gilded, Nude 209 and Nude 207: £1.00 each

These are bloody beautiful. I honestly can’t believe they only cost a pound! They are extremely pigmented, incredibly buttery soft and they look stunning on the eye. The colours are true to the pan and the pay off is fantastic.
You can’t tell very well from the picture above (my bad!) but Gilded – the shadow on the left – is a shimmery rose-gold, and pretty much the sole reason that I’ve gotten back in to rosy eye looks. Nude 209 – the middle shadow – is a matte, chocolate brown that is the softest of all three and a perfect shade for the crease. But my favourite has to be Nude 207. It’s a beautiful, shimmery gold that adds a gorgeous pop of highlight to any eye look: I’ve used this so many times already!

Freedom Shadow Swatches.jpg
(L-R) Gilded, Nude 209, Nude 207
Freedom Lip Butter

Pro Butters Lipgloss – D-Ream: £3.00

D-Ream is a gorgeous pinky nude that is perfect for everyday wear, and I have to say I do like this product. However, I’m not too sure why it’s marketed as a lipgloss. If I was to describe the texture of it, I would say that they are closer to the formula of a lip-cream rather than a gloss. The colour is really opaque, the product is creamy and doesn’t dry to a glossy finish. Nevertheless, I think that Freedom have got the ‘Butters’ part of the name spot on – it is honestly so buttery soft, I could happily wear it all day.
And that’s just what I did! I applied it in the morning with the rest of my makeup, and as I went about my day it certainly stuck along for the ride. The colour remained fresh and it was still very much in place when I got home hours later. The only negative thing that I would say is that it is a bit sticky. Not horrendously so; none of my hair got stuck to my lips or anything like that, but it is something that played on my mind.

Freedom Lip Swatches.jpg
(L-R) Pro Melts Lipgloss in TGIF; Pro Butters Lipgloss in D-Ream; Pro Lipstick in Adorn; Pro Lipstick in Far Away

Pro Melts Lipgloss – TGIF: £3.00

This product is well worth the money. I would happily pay a lot more than £3 for it, and it easily rivals some of my favourite, more expensive liquid lipticks (cough cough, Rimmel)! Because that’s what it actually is – again, Freedom have labelled it a lipgloss, but that’s the wrong term to apply to these! It doesn’t dry matte, but it definitely is a lacquer rather than a gloss. TGIF is a beautiful, bold, deep wine colour and I wore it for a night out with no problems at all in terms of comfort. I actually got several compliments on my lip colour, and a few of my friends even went out and bought it the next day! A must have if you’re checking out the Freedom line.

Freedom Lip Lac.jpg

Pro Lipsticks – Adorn and Far Away: £1.00 each

Out of everything I bought, these were the most disappointing. I thought that by creating such bright colours, Freedom would have made sure that their lipsticks were really pigmented and bold when applied, but honestly – they kind of dropped the ball on this one.
I picked up the blue shade (Far Away) with the expectation that it would be ideal to use for one of those super-quirky, hipster Instagram photos, but it just didn’t create the effect that I expected. It was slightly sheer more than anything, and not a product that I would award the label ‘professional’ to, as they do. The deep pink shade (Adorn) is marginally better – and I think that I will at least get some wear out of it – but I just don’t see it as a lip product that I’m going to be reaching for a lot of the time. However, at £1 each can I really justify complaining? I guess I’m not losing out too badly.

Freedom Lippies.jpg
Adorn; Far Away


Pro Highlight – Diffused: £3.00

Without a doubt, I have saved the best for last. I am bloody in love with this highlight. Like, utterly obsessed. Even though Diffused is such a subtle, pearly shade, that does nothing to detract from the fact that it is actually beautiful when applied to the cheekbones. It’s radiant, lustrous and so so luxurious – how it only costs £3 is beyond me! It’s the perfect shade for an everyday glow, and definitely something that I would turn to if I was going to an event like a wedding. I’ve cast aside all my expensive highlights and I’ve reached for this every single day since I bought it. It’s unbelievably stunning and by far the best thing I bought in this haul.

Freedom Highlight

So there you have it. All the products from Freedom Makeup London that somehow sneaked their way into my basket, and consequently my makeup bag. Overall I’m seriously impressed with the quality of most of these products, and I’m going to make sure to check out this brand on my next trip to Superdrug!

Fave: Pro Highlight in Diffused
Flop: Pro Lipstick in Far Away

What was your favourite item in this haul? Have you checked out Freedom Makeup London yet? If not, click here!

Love, H x

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