Beauty Review | MUA Romantic Efflorescence Palette

Whenever I’m in my local shopping centre, I can’t help but head straight for the drugstore. And whenever I’m in the drugstore, I can’t help but pick up at least one eyeshadow palette. Basically I have a problem. But luckily for me, there are a few brands out there that offer good quality palettes for really affordable prices – and MUA is up there with the best of them.

Over the past few years I’ve discovered that, despite charging next-to-nothing for their products, MUA sell some incredible things. In my opinion, they haven’t received nearly as much attention as they deserve, and those of you who haven’t tried any of their stuff yet need to get down to Superdrug immediately! And only there I’m afraid. As much as I’d love them to stock their products in Boots, it seems that MUA have an exclusive deal with Superdrug, so their makeup can only be found there, or on their own website.


The item that I most recently picked up from MUA is their Romantic Efflorescence Eyshadow Palette (which is bloody hard to spell). Price-wise it only cost me £4.00, which I think is unbelievable for a twelve shadow palette! It comes with a selection of mattes and metallic shimmers, all of which fall within a ‘plummy’, deep-toned theme. I bought these shadows with the idea of creating a seductive eye look for a Saturday night out on the town – and in that respect, they certainly did the job!

(Please excuse my eyebrows, I’m growing them out and they are currently wild af)

I’ve tried a few MUA palettes before, so I was expecting this one to be of a similar quality. To be completely honest, it was a little bit hit-and-miss. The metallic shades – especially ‘Tempt’ and ‘Fiery’ – worked fantastically well on the eye and were really pigmented, however the mattes just didn’t do it for me. As soon as I swatched them I could tell that they were a lot more chalky than the metallic ones and they kicked up a fair bit of excess powder, which I wasn’t really impressed with. Don’t get me wrong, they did the job well enough, but it was the metallic shades that ended up doing most of the work in terms of creating the look that I wanted.


Oops I seem to have missed out Mesmeric…sorry!

Overall, despite the fact that the mattes weren’t all that impressive, I would still recommend purchasing this product simply for the quality of the metallics. They are actually stunning! They feel buttery soft and just glide onto the lid with no effort needed at all. The look in the picture above shows ‘Tempt’ as the feature shadow, but it is actually the silvery shade (‘Reveal’) that I am most impressed with. It’s definitely shimmery, but wearable at the same time. I can’t wait to create a look with this shadow for the next time I go out with the girls. For only £4.00 I think that this palette is a bargain and well worth adding to your collection…especially if you are an eyeshadow junkie like me!

What is your favourite drugstore palette at the moment? Leave a comment and let me know!

Love, H x

P.S- Click HERE to head over to MUA’s website…


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