My Getaway Beauty Picks | Summer 2016

As much as I try and convince everyone that I’m a bronzed goddess, most people instead choose to remind me that I’m actually the palest person they’ve ever met. I am so explicitly white that sometimes, very occasionally, in the correct lighting, I’m pretty sure that I’m see-through. Oh how I wish I was joking.

With that information in mind, it may come as a bit of a surprise to you that I’m actually a massive sun-worshiper. I just love going on holiday to far flung places where I can spend all day lay flat on my back, basking in the heat (when I’m not stuffing my face with a ton of food, obviously). So when my Dad came home from work a few days ago and announced that he had booked us an all-inclusive trip to Cyprus, I nearly fell off my chair in excitement. Of course, once the celebrating was over the insanely frantic packing had to begin – which got me thinking: which beauty items are essential to take on a last-minute getaway? And so here we are…

Getaway Beauty Picks 2

Clinique Pop Lip Colour – ‘Sweet Pop’ (mini)

As all my fellow lipstick junkies will know, the first thing that you pack when you’re going anywhere is a lippie that’s suitable for the occasion. For this particular trip, I feel that a pretty splash of rosy pink would be perfect for a stroll on the beach, or a dinner in a cute seafront restaurant. Daytime or nighttime, Clinique’s Sweet Pop fits the bill and brings a summery burst to any holiday outfit. Also, this particular member of my beloved collection just-so happens to be miniature! So that means I can take it with me on the plane without it bulking up my ‘liquids’ pouch. As another bonus, it’s demi-matte formula comes with a built-in primer, so it’s sure to keep my lips hydrated after any exposure to the sun.

Getaway Beauty Picks 3

Nivea Lip Butter – ‘Raspberry Rosé’

On the subject of keeping my lips hydrated, I’d be mad not to throw in a little tin of Nivea’s famous lip butter. They are super-soft and work wonders when it comes to alleviating any annoying chapping or blisters. Plus, this particular flavour smells amazing! It’s like strawberry yoghurt in lip balm form. Mmmm almost good enough to eat! (I said almost kids, lets not go poisoning ourselves).

Getaway Beauty Picks 7

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

In terms of face products, I always make sure to pack a good, sturdy primer. I don’t know if you’re the same (and this is probably TMI) but as soon as I emerge out into any sort of heat I sweat like a biatch. It’s bloody horrible, mostly because it destroys the seven hours-worth of makeup that I’ve just slathered all over my face. But this stuff by Smashbox is a miracle worker! Not only does it ensure that all my hard work doesn’t get ruined, but it also makes my skin look fantastic in those all-important holiday snaps. Packing this little fella is a must for me!

Getaway Beauty Picks 5

Rimmel ‘Good to Glow’ Highlighter – ‘Notting Hill Glow’

For most girls I know, obtaining that ‘sun-kissed’ look is a big priority when going on holiday. As I pointed out before, I seem to be strangely incapable of tanning so maintaining that expectation is kind of pointless for me – however, that does not mean I can’t glow with the best of them. My little helper is this liquid highlight by Rimmel, which I tend to mix in with my foundation in order to achieve that sought-after holiday radiance. If I’m off to a posh restaurant, or if I just simply fancy making an effort, I will also dab it across my cheekbones for a bit of extra shimmer.

Getaway Beauty Picks 6

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette – ‘What You Waiting For?’

When it comes to eyeshadow, I like to travel with this neutrals palette by Makeup Revolution. It has twelve shimmery shadows and six mattes – so a little bit of everything really. It’s a product that is perfect for any occasion, and I know that I can get a fair few different eye looks out of it without much effort required. Plus I love that it has a big mirror, so even if there isn’t one in my hotel room I always know that I’ve got pretty good backup!

Getaway Beauty Picks 4

BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint – ‘Guava’

Now, we all know it’s impossible to go on holiday without taking a nail polish with us. I mean, what if we get a chip?! What if we start to hate the colour that’s already on my nails?! I’ve found that bringing along a good gel-based polish is always a good move, and this one certainly does the trick. Not only do I swear by BarryM’s formula, but I also think that this colour is fantastic for the summertime as it’s bright, bubbly and the colour of the sea!


So there’s my six beauty getaway picks. I can’t wait to pack them all up and head off to sunny Cyprus on Saturday!

What are your must-haves for travelling? Are there any beauty products that you just can’t leave behind?

Love, H x

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