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For those of you who don’t know, No7 is a beauty brand that is both created by and exclusive to Boots. It’s been around for years and has always been something that I’ve associated with my Mum, or with “grown ups”, so until recently I had never bothered to try any of their products. About six months ago I was rather unexpectedly collared by one of the ladies from the No7 counter while I was pottering around Boots. Before I had time to blink, I had been popped up onto one of their stools and was having my makeup briskly removed by a woman who I had no recollection of stopping to talk to. Odd, I know. Anyway, she persuaded me to let her colour match my skin with a strange little device before announcing to the whole bloody shop that I was the palest customer she’d had all week. As traumatising as that was, I somehow still allowed her try out various foundations on me, and I have to admit, they looked pretty good. I ended up leaving the shop that day with a No7 foundation, primer, moisturiser and cleanser. And I had only come in for a packet of hairgrips.

I started using the foundation straight away, and I completely fell in love with it. So when it ran out last week I decided that it was time to brave the No7 counter once again. And of course, I left with more than the one thing that I went in for. Those ladies need a medal for their sales technique!

No7 Haul 5

No7 Essentially Natural Foundation – ‘Calico’: £9.95

This product is simply beautiful for those people who prefer a lightweight, natural-looking foundation that still gives a decent level of coverage. I personally love to use it in the daytime either for work or for casual days, and then I switch to a foundation with a heavier coverage if I’m going out in the evening. I’m not 100% sure why I fell for it so hard, but if I’m honest with myself I think that it probably had something to do with the colour. As someone who is really fair, but doesn’t have any sort of pink or yellow tone to my skin, I have always struggled with achieving a true colour match when it comes to foundation. However, the moment I applied this I nearly cried with happiness. Finally a colour that matched my weird off-white, greyish toned skin! I think that’s probably why I have such a fondness for No7 at the moment…

No7 Haul 4.jpg

No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder – ‘Translucent’: £11.50

In the past, I have always been someone who preferred to buy cheap powder. I don’t know, it just never seemed to occur to me that it was a good idea to spend money on a product that is basically just used to ‘finish’ your makeup. Then recently I had a bit of an epiphany: if powder is being used to finish your makeup, then it’s actually one of the most important things! So this time around, instead of going for my usual £1.99 Collection special, I opted for the Perfect Light powder by No7. I had been told by a few people that this product was really lovely on the skin, but nobody quite prepared me for how silky soft it actually is. I know that price-wise it’s technically considered ‘midweight’, but it honestly does feel so luxurious. I’m really excited to keep using it. Sorry Collection, but I think I’ve been converted!

No7 Haul 3

No7 Gift Box – ‘Beautiful Blossom’: worth £28.00

At the moment, Boots has an amazing deal on that means that you can get your hands on one of these beautiful gift sets if you buy two No7 items or more. As I picked up the foundation and the powder, I was given one of these little boxes and I was actually so impressed with what came inside. There was a travel-sized tube of their Airbrush Away primer; a mini Dramatic Lift mascara; and an adorable little taupe Stay Perfect eyeshadow. For someone who loves getting as much as possible for my money, I was really excited to receive this little bonus gift. They are all products that I know I’ll get a lot of use out of, and it made me feel a little bit better about spending £20.00 on two products!

No7 Haul 2

No7 Match Made Stay Perfect Lipstick – ‘Dark Berry’: worth £9.95

When I opened my gift box, I discovered that it also included a voucher for a colour match at a N07 counter, after which you would receive a free lipstick. Obviously I’m an enormous lipstick junkie, so that was literally the best surprise! As I had been colour matched before, I told the lady that I already knew my shade was Calico. She gave me a little card that showed me all the lip colours that would best compliment my skin tone before sending me off to pick my perfect lippie. Now, I am an awkward sod so I naturally picked a colour that wasn’t on my card. Hey ho, if it doesn’t compliment me then I don’t care – I think it looks pretty! I went for Dark Berry, which makes me so excited for autumn. I just can’t wait for deep berry and burgundy shades to come back around!

No7 Haul 6
‘Dark Berry’

So there you have it: my accidental No7 haul! If – like me – you’ve always thought that it was a brand targeted towards older ladies, then I’d recommend pushing the stigma aside and giving it a try. You might actually find some hidden gems that you weren’t expecting!

Have you tried any No7 products? If so, which are your favourites? I need recommendations! And if you haven’t checked them out yet, you can do so by clicking HERE

Love, H x

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6 thoughts on “One Brand Beauty Haul | No7

  1. I have used NO7 skincare products and really liked them, never really used the makeup. I always find the girls on the counter are always, very welcoming and helpful. I should really use that counter much more, great post love the lip colour.


  2. I am SO GLAD I’m not the only one who sees the amazing products No7 have to offer!! Been raving on about their skin care products on my blog for a long time and use their make up daily! Would be lost without my calico beautifully matte foundation- SNAP ON THE PALE SKIN COLOUR!! Would definitely recommend their skin exfoliating cream and facial gel wash both amazing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re so good aren’t they! They definitely don’t get enough love! Oooh thanks for the recommendations, I’ll give them a try xxx


  3. Great post! I’m so glad I found your blog through bloglovin’, I love your pictures! So stunning. I feel like no 7 often gets left behind but I use their day and night creams religiously when I’m not testing out other products for reviews. Great job xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank you, you’re so kind! It really does doesn’t it? It’s such a great brand, it really deserves more promotion! xxx


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