Beauty Review | Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish

I get bored really quickly. Like reaaallllyy quickly. Unfortunately I have never managed to master the ability to sit still for more than ten seconds, so (as you’ve probably guessed by now) doing my nails is often a massive issue. If a polish takes more than a couple of minutes to dry, then you can bet your Grandma that I will smudge/scratch/get something stuck in it straight away. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for a quick-drying nail polish – and a few weeks ago I spotted these!

Despite hearing very good things about the brand, I’ve only ever tried a couple of Bourjois products before now. I was impressed with their Rouge Edition Lipsticks, but I didn’t have the best of experiences with their eyeshadows, so I’ve been a little bit apprehensive to try anything else from them. However, when I spotted their 1 Seconde Nail Polishes I was instantly obsessed. Anything that promises an instant dry ticks a thousand boxes in my opinion! The fact that they had such a beautiful range of colours on offer also meant that I couldn’t just stop at one: I bought four!

*(Before I get started on the review, I’ll have to apologise for the messy application that you’ll see in the pictures; if anyone knows how to achieve perfectly neat nails, I’d appreciate some tips!)*

Bourjois Review 2.jpg

Number 19 – Mauve Futuristic

The first colour that caught my eye was this beautiful cool-toned pink. It’s unlike anything else that I have in my collection, as it comes off on the nail as a mauvey nude shade with a hint of sparkle. I’m always looking for shades that I can wear every day to work that will make my nails look pretty but not too obnoxious, and this particular polish fits that bill exactly. Also a plus: it is true to it’s moniker and really does dry within a second or two!

Bourjois Review 3

Number 39 – It’s Raining Stars

I have to admit, for a night out or a party I am definitely partial to a bit of glitter. When I’m feeling too shy to incorporate some sparkle into my makeup, I like to make a statement with my nails – so this silvery shade is just perfect! It’s full of big chunks of glitter, so it wouldn’t be the best pick for someone who tends to steer away from that kind of look, but for those of you who like to add a dash of glitz now and again…go and get it!

Bourjois Review 4.jpg

Number 53 – Blue de Nime

Blue is a colour that I have always loved to wear on my nails, so I couldn’t resist this shade when I spotted it. It’s an interesting one, as it reminds me of that classic ‘denim blue’ despite it’s lack of texture. While it’s not exactly subtle enough to be wearing every day, I know I will get a lot of use out of it on the weekends because it is chic and simple and will compliment many different looks. All of these polishes claim to be a gel formula, and they certainly do the job in creating a smooth, long lasting finish.

Bourjois Review 5

Number 16 – Bleu Moonlight

The fourth and final shade that I chose was another blue. However, this one is much darker and deeper in tone, and has a similar amount of shimmer as Mauve Futuristic. I’m a massive fan of navy blue nails in Autumn/Winter time so picking up this one seemed like a no-brainer. I like the contrast of the way it looks next to my fair skin, and this particular polish gives a shiny, iridescent finish that I think is simply stunning. Another thing that has to be mentioned when discussing these nail polishes is the brush that comes with it. It’s bloody brilliant. It’s designed to have a fan-effect that adapts to the size of your nail, making the application process much more simple and easy – which is perfect for someone as impatient as me!

Overall I am really impressed with the Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polishes and I am already planning to buy some more. Apart from the fact that they are so quick to dry, they are also beautifully pigmented and give an excellent finish. Plus – they are really affordable! They are only £5.99 in Boots stores (and online), so you have no reason to feel guilty about picking up a ton of shades!

Have you tried these nail polishes before? What are your most recommended Bourjois products?

Love, H x


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