Beauty Bargain | Rose Gold Brush Set

I was recently perusing the makeup section of Ebay when I stumbled upon these babies, and I just had to share them with you! In quite possibly the best bargain deal of the year, I have managed to get my hands on a set of 7 rose gold brushes for only £4.77 – yes you read that correctly. £4.77?! I’m pretty sure I spend more than that on snacks each day!

Rosegold Ebay Brushes 1.jpg

Setting aside that insight into my extremely unhealthy lifestyle, I honestly can’t believe the quality of these brushes in comparison to the cost. They are incredibly reminiscent of the Real Techniques Bold Metal collection, but for a tiny fraction of the price! Yes, they are from Ebay. Yes, they aren’t real. But they are surprisingly soft and work a lot better than certain high end brushes do (I’m looking at you LaRoc).

Although the handle of each brush is made from plastic rather than metal, it really isn’t something that takes away from the product’s aesthetically pleasing nature. Even if you decided they weren’t good enough to use on your face (which I don’t know why you would – I think they’re fantastic!), they would still be perfect to use in the background of blog photographs, or even just to display upon your dressing table in a pretty jar or pot.

Rosegold Ebay Brushes 2.jpg

The set comes with four large brushes (powder; contour; tapered setting; highlighting) and three smaller brushes (crease; angled blending; angled brow). Each brush head is made from white synthetic fibres that feature a pink ombre effect. I was honestly so taken aback by how delicate and fluffy they were, as I have ordered cheap brushes from Ebay before that have been really low in quality and quick to shed their hair. From testing these out, I can say – with confidence – that there isn’t a single one that doesn’t apply product beautifully.

If you are partial to a good bargain, I would definitely recommend checking these out! You can find the Ebay seller that I used HERE, but be sure to do some checking around before you purchase as (depending on the time of the listing) some sellers may offer better deals.

So there you go! That’s my latest beauty bargain – and it’s one that I’m beyond chuffed with! Have you tried any products from Ebay that have wowed you more than you expected? Which are you favourite brush sets?

Love, H x


15 thoughts on “Beauty Bargain | Rose Gold Brush Set

  1. Okay so I’m literally going to buy these right now! Thanks for the link and amazing post! If you have the chance please could you check out my blog?x

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  2. Love this post. The brushes are stunning and for that price?! That’s even cheaper than drugstore makeup brushes haha! Thank you for sharing this post.


      1. Awh thank you! That’s honestly so lovely of you to say. I haven’t been doing it very long and so it’s nice to actually receive some positive recognition 🙂 I love yours too! xxx

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