Battle of the Brands | Bobbi Brown vs NYX: Dark Circle Corrector

There are two things in life that make me irrationally angry: people who don’t say please and thank you and – yep, you guessed it – dark under eye circles. While there isn’t much I can do about the former, thankfully there are many beauty tricks and products that can help me with the latter.

Colour correction is huge at the moment in the beauty world, and countless brands have started to release products that reflect their own take on the trend. However, for me personally, I am a big fan of the OG, tried-and-tested options that have already been holding firm ground in the market for years: for example, Bobbi Brown’s ‘Corrector’ and the ‘Dark Circle Concealer’ by NYX.

In terms of cost, these two brands are on completely opposite scales. NYX is renowned for offering quality products at drugstore prices, whilst Bobbi Brown holds the reputation of being a high-end, more luxurious retailer. Despite their differences, both brands offer an amazing solution to the exasperation that is dark under eye circles, albeit at completely different prices.

So the question is…if these two products went into battle, which one would emerge victorious and claim the title of Best Dark Circle Corrector?


Bobbi Brown

I have struggled with blue-toned under eye circles for as long as I can remember, and there was once I time that I thoroughly believed I would never be able to cover them up. Then a couple of years ago I found beauty blogs and hallelujah, I found the answer to my prayers! I read that the Bobbi Brown Corrector was the best on the market and would banish my dark circles with a simple swipe of a brush. So what did I do? I hot-footed it down to Selfridges, bought it, and then smeared it all over my under eyes as quickly as I could.

I was colour matched to the shade ‘Light Bisque’, but in hindsight I wish that I’d gone for something a couple of shades darker. My dark circles are baaaad. Like, genuinely violet. But I think the lady at the Bobbi Brown counter saw me and my Wednesday Aadams pale skin and jumped to the conclusion that I would need something really light. Nevertheless, the product worked amazingly well! I honestly noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my under eyes right from the very first use. The consistency of the product was extremely creamy, yet fantastically light, so it didn’t feel or look cakey at all.

Besides the colour, I was so impressed with the Bobbi Brown Corrector that I didn’t even bother to try out any other options for a good six months. However after a while, the fact that the consistency of the product was so unbelievably creamy actually began to get on my nerves. While it felt nice on the skin, it didn’t always stay put (even when I set it with a powder). This meant that the overall effect sometimes looked patchy and bits of blueish-purple would begin to show through after only a couple of hours wear.

So I hopped online again and scoured the beauty blogging world to find a similar – if not better – solution. Which is how I happened upon NYX’s offering…

Nyx vs BB 2.jpg


NYX is a brand that I didn’t really discover until I started looking at beauty blogs. At that time, it was incredibly popular in the US but hadn’t yet received much recognition in the UK, so I was intrigued to explore what they had to offer in terms of product range. With the recommendations that I had perused in mind, I purchased the NYX Dark Circle Concealer…and, honestly? I haven’t looked back since.

This product combines all the benefits of the Bobbi Brown Corrector, with the added bonus of being more resilient in terms of staying in place – just what I wanted! Plus, I was able to buy it in exactly the shade that I needed (‘Light’)! The product is definitely not as silky soft as the BB version, but it definitely makes up for that in terms of coverage and longevity on the skin. Plus, it’s super affordable! While the Bobbi Brown Corrector retails for £19.50, the NYX option only costs £6.50. What a bloody bargain.

Overall, I’m going to have to say that the NYX Dark Circle Concealer is a winner in my eyes. Hard luck Bobbi Brown Corrector, you tried so hard but you didn’t quite match up to the low-cost durability of your competitor!

Winner: NYX Dark Circle Concealer

Loser: Bobbi Brown Corrector

Click the links above to check out where you can purchase both products online, then comment below to tell me what your favourite dark circle concealer is!

Love, H x

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8 thoughts on “Battle of the Brands | Bobbi Brown vs NYX: Dark Circle Corrector

  1. Love this post! Dark eye circles are a big problem for me and seeing that such a good corrector is in my local drugstore for an intriguing bargain gives me hope. Thanks for sharing this!

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  2. Hi I’m over from Instagram I enjoyed your post and have to agree with you about the Bobbi Brown Corrector. I’ve just bought the Urban Decay Corrector and like it so far so fingers crossed it stays that way. If not I’ll invest in the Nyx one next following your recommendation. xx

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