Beauty Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow Palette: Flawless

If you follow my blog, you’re probably aware by now that I’m an enormous fan of Makeup Revolution. They are still relatively new on the beauty scene, but they’ve taken England and, more recently, the US by storm and are continuing to leap from success to success. I just can’t get enough of their products: the quality, the price, the range…everything! It’s a rare occasion that I pass a Superdrug and don’t stop to buy their latest release, and I’m pretty sure that half the hits on the TamBeauty website are thanks to me. Oopsie.

Makeup Revolution is one of those rare brands that don’t believe in low prices being equivalent to poor quality products. I’ve tried a lot of high-end brands that don’t even come close to replicating how good these guys are, and I just pray that they don’t take their new found fame as an invitation to decrease their affordability.


My latest favourite product from Makeup Revolution is their Ultra Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Flawless’. It contains 32 unique shades and offers an enchanting mixture of both neutral and “out there” colours. As you can see, it’s bloody stunning.

What I love about this palette is that it not only offers a wide range of shimmer and matte shadows, but also includes 8 metallic shades that allow for the creation of a truly striking eye look. When it comes to eyeshadow, I’m definitely a neutrals girl. I’m always drawn to palettes that contain lots of creams, taupes and browns – but when I saw this one calling out to me from across the store, I just had to have it. It has all the colours that I normally go for, plus a selection of shadows that are a little more out of my comfort zone. I’ve had particular fun playing with the metallic burgundy and orange shades, which I would never usually bother to pick up!


Now…are you ready for the best bit? Hold on to your hats because this is a bit of a shocker…

It only costs £8.00! No, really!

Honestly, you really can’t get better than that can you? To pick up a palette of 32 beautiful, highly-pigmented shadows for as little as £8.00 really is unprecedented, and I can’t praise Makeup Revolution enough for making it available. There are many people out there who – like me – are either students or new graduates that love makeup but ultimately struggle to afford the better quality items. By bringing out products like this one, Makeup Revolution are opening the market to everyone. They deserve an award. Why don’t we have The Oscars for makeup?

So, if you can’t tell already, I really truly recommend picking up this palette. It’s versatile, wearable and more than worth the price. It’s a product that is perfect for everyday, as it offers a multitude of different looks that can be tailored to your individual style with almost no effort at all. To pick it up online head to, or visit your local Superdrug store!

Have you tried any palettes from Makeup Revolution? Let me know your favourite one!

Love, H x



5 thoughts on “Beauty Review | Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow Palette: Flawless

  1. Oh my goodness!! :0 This is so unbelievably pretty! I too am a neutrals/natural eye shadow kinda girl so this palette is calling my name! Next time I visit Superdrug I am buying this beauty! Thanks for the post, it looks like my perfect palette 🙂

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