Glossybox Unboxing | September

It’s that time of the month again ladies…no, not mother nature’s annoying little call, it’s my Glossybox unboxing!

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love it when a box full of beauty goodies turns up on their doorstop? I know I certainly do. And this month, it was that bit extra-special as it arrived on my birthday!

After enjoying the August edition so much, I had high hopes for this month’s box – and I have to admit, I wasn’t disappointed. I feel like Glossybox are really upping their game at the moment, with themed boxes (this one was called ‘The Editor’s Choice’ by Red) and more exciting products thrown into the mix. For only £10 a month, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck!

Sept Glossybox 3.jpg

Revlon – Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat

I have a habit of being distracted by shiny things, so when I opened my box the first thing that caught my eye was this little fella. Despite owning around a million nail polishes already, I never fail to get excited over a new one – and this time was no different! I immediately popped it over the top of my current nail colour (‘Emerald City’ by Sally Hansen) and I was blown away by the result. I’ve tried a lot of gel top coats over the years, but this one is the best by far. It’s extremely long-wearing and turns any polish into gels with a mere flick of the brush! For me, this is a perfect product to receive in a subscription box, as it’s something that I’m guaranteed to get a lot of use out of. I’ve already used it four times and I’ve only had it a week! (Yes I change my nail colour every other day, don’t judge me…)


Vitamasque – Hydro Face Mask

Next up was this hydro face mask by Vitamasque. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it certainly does talk-the-talk. 120 hours of hydration? That’s a big claim! I’m actually pretty excited to put it to the test, as recently I’ve been struggling with dry skin for the first time in my life and it’s making me sad. According to the back of the packet, this two-piece mask contains extracts from the Rose of Jericho and has been designed to increase hydration and moisture retention. I’ll give it a go and update you soon!

Sept Glossybox 5.jpg

Rodial – Smokey Eye Pen

No Glossybox would be complete without an eye product, and September’s edition didn’t disappoint. For some bizarre reason the designers at Rodial decided to include the word ‘pen’ in the name of this eyeliner, but it’s definitely more of a crayon. It’s very black – which I love – and creamy in texture, but unfortunately it doesn’t stay put on the lid. I suppose it’s unsurprising that it smudges (as it is meant for smokey eye looks after all) but personally, I don’t like that in an eyeliner. I have small, almost hooded eyes so smokey liners tend to smudge out all over my lids and ruin my eyeshadow – not exactly ideal! As far as the brand is concerned, it’s not one that I’ve heard much about. I have seen FleurDeForce promote it in the past (I trust anything that girl says, she is amazing) so I know that it is a more expensive line, but that’s where my insight ends. Receiving this product in my box has intrigued me though, and I definitely plan on visiting the Rodial website to find out more!


Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara

Brace yourselves, I’m going to say something a bit controversial now…
I don’t like this mascara. At all. I know, I know it’s a cult favourite, most popular mascara ever blah blah. I just don’t get it. I was so excited when I found out that it was in this month’s box, as I’d heard amazing reviews but hadn’t been able to justify buying it – but I was ultimately so disappointed. For one thing, the formula is so incredibly dry! I’m not someone who usually leans towards really ‘wet’ mascaras, but this one was just a joke. It felt like there wasn’t anything on the wand, and it took so long just to achieve some sort of lift once I applied it to my lashes. Even worse (for me especially, as I’m a contact lens wearer), it was full of little clumpy bits that fell into my eyes throughout the day! It was itchy, it was scratchy and I have absolutely no desire to purchase the full size product. Why has it been so hyped up? I don’t know, maybe I just got a dodgy one…


The Organic Pharmacy – Antioxidant Lip Balm

In my opinion, this was the hidden gem of September’s box. I’d never heard of The Organic Pharmacy before, but I’ve really fallen in love with this lip balm. It says on tube that it’s made with Shea Butter and Rose Hip, but to me it smells like Terry’s Chocolate Orange and tastes like Jaffa Cakes! It’s wonderfully moisturising and gives your lips a subtle shine without making them look greasy. I’m honestly obsessed with it – I’ve used nearly half a tube in one week! I’ll definitely be purchasing another one as soon as this one’s gone. It’s not Terry’s…it’s mine…

(Hehe, a little old school joke for the Brits there – remember the advert with Dawn French? No? Okay never mind…)

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my September Glossybox. Yes, the Too Faced Mascara was disappointing, but it was still a product from a popular, high-end brand and I’m impressed with Glossybox for including it! More like this please GB; I can’t wait for next month…

Fave: the Revlon Gel Top Coat
Flop: can you guess? I’ll give you a clue…it definitely isn’t better than sex!

How did you find this month’s box? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love, H x

P.S – Click HERE to subscribe to Glossybox…

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    1. Yeah maybe! I think I might try it again when I can afford to, just to see. It just made me sad because I was really looking forward to trying it! 😦
      Awh thanks! I love yours too xxx

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