Lately Loving | MAC Trip the Light Fantastic Powder

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have noticed that it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Yep, I have officially reached the grand old age of 22!
*Cue Taylor Swift*

Because they are all absolute darlings, my group of my besties clubbed together and bought me an amazing collection of makeup goodies – and today I thought I’d share my favourite one with you…

Mac Highlight 2.jpg

This is the Trip the Light Fantastic Powder in ‘Luna Luster’, by MAC. And yes, it is bloody well beautiful. I’m honestly obsessed. I won’t lie to you, I almost cried when I used it for the first time because I was so scared of ruining it (but it stayed pretty, thank goodness!)

It is essentially a rosey-toned highlighter infused with swirls of pearlescent shimmer, and I’ve quickly found that it’s an ideal cheekbone topper for that perfect ‘night out’ look. It doesn’t look particularly sparkly in the pan, but as soon as I swatched it on my arm it blew my mind. Seriously guys, I think I’ve fallen in love!

Mac Highlight 4.jpg

Just look at it – it’s so pretty!

The term ‘highlight’ is a bit of an understatement if I’m honest, as it seriously does make you glow. I wore it on a night-out this weekend and I got more compliments than I could possibly count. My friend even said that she could see my cheekbones shining in the dark!


As you can imagine from MAC, the product feels silky soft and blends effortlessly into the skin. You don’t even need to pack it onto your brush, as a simple swipe provides you with all the luminosity that you could possibly wish for! As I mentioned, I personally like to wear it on top of my cheekbones, but it would also be perfect as a brow-bone or inner-corner highlight if you really want to intensify your glow.

It has been released by MAC as part of their limited edition Star Trek line, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on it! At £26.50 it is a tad expensive, but to be honest it isn’t that far off MAC’s regular prices and I really do think it’s worth it. For those of you who don’t mind investing in a beautiful highlight, I would definitely recommend picking it up for your collection. Click HERE to take a peak at it on MAC’s website!

Have you tried Luna Luster yet? What’s your favourite high-end highlighter?

Love, H x

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