Beauty Bargain | Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation Lippies

If you follow my blog, you’ve probably gathered by now that I’m a bargain hunter. There’s just something extra-satisfying about bagging yourself a gorgeous beauty item at an affordable price. Such a mindset definitely comes with downsides though – I now literally find it physically impossible to buy expensive makeup. No matter how much I want it, I just can’t make the splurge. Hmm…I guess I’ll have to work on that one.

Being a cheapskate does have its benefits though: I can buy more for less, especially when I find a line that I love…like this one!


The Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation lipsticks are currently being sold for a mere £2.30 each. Yes you read that correctly. Whilst Kiko is technically a high-street brand (similar prices to Revlon and Max Factor), it generally doesn’t tend to get that cheap. Kiko’s products are often super-high quality so – as per life’s unwritten rules – they can justify charging a little bit more. And that’s exactly why I jumped at the opportunity when I saw these on offer, and bought two beautiful shades!


Annoyingly most of Kiko’s products don’t have names, only numbers. That little pet-peeve aside, I am so happy that I discovered these little gems. They glide on super easily and with fantastic pigmentation: I’d actually go so far as to say ‘Smooth Temptation’ is an understatement of a name! They have a beautifully silky texture, and sit on the lips comfortably without smudging and their vanillary smell is amazing. They have a similar scent to MAC lipsticks, but somehow they’ve manged to make it even more creamy (is it even possible for a smell to be creamy?!). It makes me think of cake every time I have it on my lips. They might be pretty, but they’re definitely a danger to my waistline.



This shade is a classic pinky-nude. It’s ideal for an “everyday” lip and, because of the handy stick formula, it’s so easy to just throw in my work handbag and reapply throughout the day without the need of a mirror. The colour goes with every outfit and every makeup look, and is just a lovely all-rounder.



This one is a bit darker: more of a mauvey-pink. I actually have a nail polish from Kiko that is in the exact same shade and it makes me ridiculously happy to wear them together (you that feeling you get when you wear matching underwear? It’s like that!). It’s a perfect transition into a nighttime look, as it’s a bit sexier; a bit more obvious. It looks beautiful when paired with a smokey eye.

I have a funny feeling that these are either limited edition or they’re about to discontinue the line (sad face) – so go and get one, quick! You’re more likely to find them in Kiko stores, but there are a few left to purchase on their website. As soon as this is posted I’m off to buy some more myself. They are one beauty bargain I can’t resist!


Have you spied any beauty bargains lately? Let me know in the comments!

Love, H x



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