October Favourites…

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, I forgot to do a September favourites. I’m sorry! I’m a failure of a beauty blogger! I’m not going to bore you with the whole “I started a new job” excuse, let’s just get straight into some October goodies…

I adore Autumn. For me, it always tends to be a time of re-discovery – whether that be cosy scarfs , or snuggly coats, or beauty products. While I do have a few new gems to share with you this month, I’ve also stumbled across a couple of old favourites. From lipstick, to nail polish to candles – this month has it all!


Rimmel Kate Lip Conditioning Balm

I bought this product a few months ago when I went on a Rimmel Kate hype (have you seen my ‘Lately Loving’?), but it’s one that I haven’t properly played with until this month. As a long time advocate for those little Vaseline tins, I’m not normally one for buying lip balms that cost anything over £1 – but I’m definitely glad I made an exception! It’s basically a moisture-rich conditioning balm in the form and texture of a classic lipstick. It’s great, because not only does it mean that there’s no need to get your fingers messy by dipping in and out of tubs/tins, but it looks pretty too! (Yes, I know, I’m ridiculous.) It does a fantastic job of nourishing the lips, and it’s easily applied both by itself or over lipstick. For those of you who haven’t tried it, I’d definitely recommend picking it up. It’s something different, and it really does work. Every pair of lips needs a hydrating pick-me-up in the colder months!


Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette – Highlight

This palette is definitely a rediscovery for me. I bought it about a year and a half ago, and completely fell for with the shimmery shades. I was still pretty new to highlighter back then, so this product was eye opening in terms of experimentation: the three shades are very different, yet they’re all beautifully pigmented and look stunning on the cheekbones. As my highlighter obsession developed and my collection got (ridiculously) larger, I kind of forgot about this old faithful – until now! Throughout October I’ve well and truly rekindled the love, and I’ve been wearing it none stop. In my opinion, it’s definitely an Autumn/Winter kind of product because it does have that little extra shimmer that makes you feel all Christmassy and warm inside. Since I purchased this one, I know that Makeup Revolution have brought out a couple more variations of the palette; I can’t wait to pick them up to see if they’re as good as the original!


IMAN Luxury Lip Stain – Oh Natural

Let me just start by expressing my annoyance at how badly this product has been named. It no world is it a lip stain. It’s a lipstick, without a doubt. Duh. That little mishap aside, it’s an absolutely stunning product and I’m bloody well obsessed with it. I’ve never tried any of IMAN’s cosmetics before I got this lippie as a birthday gift back in September, but since then, it hasn’t left my handbag. It’s a gorgeous – slightly unusual – brick red/brown shade, and it suits my skin-tone perfectly (kudos to my bestie, you picked well!). As readers of my blog will be aware, I’m an absolute sucker for pretty packaging – and this one is particularly lovely. I really like how heavy the bullet is, and the gorgeous gold detailing really adds to the expensive feel. Now that I’ve popped my IMAN cherry, I’m definitely excited to try more products from her range. Hmm, not too sure if anything is going to beat this beautiful shade though…

October Favourites 5.jpg

Kiko Nail Lacquer – 529 Metallic Beetle

Oh what an enormous shock, it’s another Kiko nail polish. I know I know, not very original bad beauty blogger etc etc…but look how pretty it is! October means Halloween, and Halloween means dark colours, right? I’ve never been a big fan of green in general, but this polish caught my eye when I was shopping in the Kiko store a few months back. It’s got a stunning under-layer of finely milled glitter, which gives it a really unique emerald shimmer that I’ve been obsessing over during the past month. It’s a bit of a change from my go-to blacks and silvers, and I’m proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone and actually finding something I like! I’ve made a bit of a self-pledge to wear more dark greens over the Winter, and I’m sure I’ll be pairing this nail polish with a lot of my new purchases.

October Favourites 2.jpg

Harrocks Scented Candle – Gin & Tonic

Not going to lie, I nearly wet myself with excitement when I saw this in my local discount store. It’s literally two of my favourite things in one: candles and gin! If I remember correctly, I think it only cost me around £1.99 and I’ve been burning it every night since I bought it. For those of you who don’t like the smell of gin – don’t worry, it isn’t obnoxious at all. It just gives off a subtle aroma that, considering the price, lingers for an impressively long time and leaves me with a desperate craving for some London Dry with cucumber. Sticking on the theme of Autumn/Wintery goodness, everybody needs a nice scented candle at this time of year. What’s the point of snuggling under a blanket and watching a movie if you can’t do it by candle light?! If you live near a Home Bargains, go and have a look if they’ve got any in stock; it’s something a little bit different and really quite the steal!


So there you have it – my October favourites! Does someone want to explain to me how it’s November already? This year has flown by. What are your favourites for the past month? Comment below and let me know!

Love, H x


4 thoughts on “October Favourites…

  1. i’d definitely purchase the gin and tonic candle just for the look of it. Love these pictures, and all your favorites! Loved the post! Please check out my latest post if you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! xx

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