Manchester. My city.


I had never experienced a city in mourning until today. I had read about it, seen it on the news – but today, I felt it. My heart aches for every single person who lost their lives in last night’s attack.

Terrorism is harrowing, appalling, utterly barbaric. We have all seen the way it has impacted our world, lessened our faith in humanity. But those who commit a terrorist attack, safe in the knowledge that many of the lives lost would be those of children? They are NOT human. They do not feel like you or I.

Please, please do not let this tragedy spread hate amongst us. Your religion or the colour of your skin does not make you synonymous with those animals. Manchester is a city of beauty, of hope and of an unwavering sense of community – do not let them break us. Hug your family, your neighbour. Love one another. Do not let the smallest minority of barbarians ruin the strength of a community that is renowned for its acceptance of people of every faith, sexuality and race.

We are Manchester. And yes, we certainly do things differently here. We will open our doors, offer free lifts, food, make endless brews for each other. We will always stand together. I have never been more proud to call this city my home.

All my love, H x


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